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Cell Phone Holder or Business Card Holder
Price: $12.00 each.
Part Number: 4375-375
Dimensions: 4.375" L x 2.375" H x 2.375" D Dim. O.D.

Clear acrylic business card holder or cell phone holder. Holds a 1" stack of business cards or one cell phone. Machine finished and polished edges.

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Incline Copy Holder / Writing Surface
Price: 24.00 ea.
Part Number: ICH-8511
Dimensions: 9.00" W x 5.00" tall / rise x 11.125" D Dim. O.D.

Facilitates much better viewing of copy and printed materials. Unit shown works with a standard sheet. Constructed from 1/4" clear acrylic, clear non-skid feet keep the holder in place. Many sizes ( heights, widths ) can be created.

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Flat Screen Monitor Riser
Price: 25.70 ea.
Part Number: MR-1060
Dimensions: 10.00" W x 6.00" H x 8.00" D Dim. O.D.

Ergonomics !  Our monitor risers can help stop neck strain. Constructed from 1/4" clear acrylic. Unit shown is 6.00" tall. Designed with clear non-skid feet at the base edges. Polished edges. Custom sizes available.

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Two Tier Literature Holder / 8.50" x 11.00"
Price: 33.75 ea.
Part Number: LH-8511-2T
Dimensions: 9.375" W x 13.50" H x 4.25" D Dim O.D.

Two tier literature holder is either freestanding or wall mountable. Keyholes on back surface (not visable) allow to hang on any wall surface.Constructed of 1/8" and 3/16" clear acrylic. Machined and polished edges. Custom sizes available.

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Letter Size Sign holder / WM-8511
Price: 8.50 ea.
Part Number: WM-8511
Dimensions: 8.50" W x 11.00" H x .354" Dim O.D. ( 1/8" gap )

Wall mounted 8.50" x  11.00" sign holder. Popular in hallways, elevators, for promoting literature on retail items. Polished edges, w/ adhesive tape on back surface. We can provide nearly any size of this item, depending on your needs.

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2-Part Desktop Sorter
Price: 12.20 ea. (minimum order 4 units)
Part Number: DSKT-2
Dimensions: 6.125"w x 4.125"d x 4.0" t (o.d.)

3/16" Clear acrylic desktop sorter w/ clear non-skid feet on base.

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Multiple Business Card Holder
Price: $17.50 ea. 4-card unit / $18.00 ea. 8-card unit
Part Number: MBCARD
Dimensions: 9"x6.5" w/4" base: 4-card , 9"x12.5": 8-card

4 -Card desk top acrylic/plastic  business card holder.

8-Card surface mount acrylic/plastic business card holder.

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Wall Mount File Holder
Price: 13.65 Ea.
Part Number: FILH7
Dimensions: 11.75"w x 8.5t

Clear wall-mount file holder with 7" front panel and double face tape (for mounting).

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