Food Service Storage Units

Food Service Products

Recruitment Kiosk
Price: 55.90 ea.
Part Number: 17750-MCD
Dimensions: 17.75" W x 19.50" H x 3.00" Dim. O.D.

Developed for McDonald's reataurants this recruitment display is adaptable as a wall mount display ( shown ) or with an attachable base for a freestanding counter display. Graphics not included.

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Double Chambered Bean Dispenser
Price: 107.75 ea.
Part Number: CB-5500DC
Dimensions: 4.875" W x 13.00" H x 20.00" D Dim. O.D.

Great for dispensing bulk coffee or jelly bean sized candy. 2 chambered design allows for more diverse product in less space. Constructed from type 2 (T2) impact modified sheet. This material is more durable than standard acrylic and craze resistant.

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Jerky Cutting Board w/4 non-skid feet
Price: 18.55 Ea.
Part Number: JCB-1156
Dimensions: 11.5" x 6"

Use the food-grade Jerky Cutting Board with Venison or Beef  to guide your knife when slicing meat into consistent .281" (slightly over 1/4") fillets for perfect jerky slices every time.

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Micro-Greens Trays Shelves
Price: 170.00 ea
Part Number: MS-TRAY01
Dimensions: 22-1/4"w x 11-14"d x 22"t o.d.

1/4" Clear acrylic micro-greens pass-through trays shelf allows for easy viewing and maneuvering of micro green trays (trays not provided).

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Signholders / Table Top.

A wide variety all depending on your needs ! We design and fabricate many sizes to fit your literature. Both acrylic and PETG ( co-polyester ) materials are commonly utilized.

6-Sided Signholder / SH-4080
Price: 10.00 ea.
Part Number: SH-4080
Dimensions: 8.00" W x 8.00" H Dim. O.D.

Six sided signholder is constructed from .100" clear acrylic. Each panel holds a 4.00" x 8.00" card, or ( 8.00" x 8.00" ) x 3, depending on literature. Many sizes are available.

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Frame Easel / picture frame style holder
Price: $9.25 ea. minimum order of 3 units
Part Number: FE-8511
Dimensions: 8.50" W x 11.00" H x 4.00" D Dim. I.D.

Great for promoting specials or counter instructions. Constructed from 1/8" clear acrylic, machine-bullnosed edges, clear non-skid feet on base to prevent sloding. Many sizes available. Nice quality sign holder.

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Card Sign / 3.50" x 2.00"
Price: 13.15 / per dozen
Part Number: 3500-200
Dimensions: 3.50" W x 2.00" H x 1.125" Base

Business card size sign holder- Great for bakery goods, where space and size is limited. Many custom sizes can be created. Unit shown is constructed from 1/8" clear acrylic, and has polished edges.

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Table Promotions Sign Holder
Price: 3.90 ea.
Part Number: SH-7050
Dimensions: 7.00" W x 5.00" H x 3.25" Base Dim I.D.

Promote your daily specials with our sign holders. We manufacture virtiually any size to fit your needs. Unit shown is constructed from 1/8" clear acrylic and has polished edges. We can also quote in impact resistant PETG material for more durability

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