Our SHINX CNC router in action, precision with a
tolerance of .002"… consistant high quality every time!


Effortless high performance machining starts here:

These cnc machines are truly impressive with the amazing accuracy and exact repeatability they provide. Once designed, parts can be cut, drilled, slotted, beveled with a variety of different tooling virtually in any configuration. The quality of cut is clearly second to none. It is a tireless machine, which simply outperforms any manual cutting or machining operations.

Let our machines work for you.

Heart Medicine Surgical Cartridge Storage Tray

Northern Acrylics new Part #HMS-6C & #HMS-4C (new HMS Cartridge Storage Trays) provide clean cardboard-free storage for the Operating Environment. With either 6 channel or 4 channel cartridge storage availability; units provide easy storage/transport

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